Yousuite project officially launched

by / 2024-01-18

The Yousuite project of Shanghai ZaiQi Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. was officially launched in the headquarters office building. At that time, the company will realize the "four modernizations" of management based on cloud SAAS: unified information management, standardization of data application, standardization of business processes, and integration of financial services.

  • 1) Unification of information management: comprehensive integration to create an enterprise digital platform, build a unified and highly integrated information application platform, establish unified business processes, integrate business data, improve work efficiency, and enhance the company Overall management level.
  • 2) Data application standardization: Strengthen data governance to achieve unified management of group-based basic data, standardize basic data, and standardize data applications to reduce management costs and improve work efficiency.
  • Project kick-off meeting
    Project kick-off meeting
  • 3) Standardization of business processes: Strengthen process governance with the customer as the center and sales as the main line to achieve standardized management of the group-wide value chain business processes such as procurement, inventory, production, sales, and finance, control the execution status in a timely manner, and improve Plan execution rate, improve order fulfillment rate, reduce inventory backlog, reduce product costs, and conduct precise cost accounting
  • 4) Financial business integration: Open up the financial and business information channels across accounting organizations, business information is reflected in the finance in a timely manner, and realize the management requirements of accounting, truly realizing the efficient application of business-driven finance and financial monitoring business.
we wish the project implementation success!